Off Farm Investing

Looking for the Off Farm Investing Options. Cropa has some great Off Farm Investment Options for NZ Farmers. For Off Farm Investing look no further than Cropa. 

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Chance Voight is a diversified Australasian Investment Company, headquartered in New Zealand. We aim to provide investors with a superior investing experience and market beating returns.


We offer a number of high yield interest rate investment funds. A key objective for these funds is to prioritise fixed quarterly cash returns. Each fund possesses a distinctive structure, presenting a range of options to cater to investor preferences.

Our team has a vast amount of experience and knowledge. Working with us will put you in the best position to help you achieve your financial goals and build wealth through a tailored plan. Being client focused, we’re here to help you throughout the entire journey.


We rely on Statistics New Zealand, CoreLogic, Bank Economists, Reserve Bank publications, The World Bank, certain third-party commentators, Department of Building and Housing, MBIE and the Real Estate Institute as the basis for our knowledge.


Whatever you’re looking to achieve, the hardest decision is always picking a piece of NZ real estate that helps you achieve your unique goals. That’s why every time we start a new build, we keep investors in the back of our minds, tailoring our residential and commercial buildings to fit their needs.

Thinking about investing in property but you’re not sure where to start? As one of New Zealand’s largest new home builders, we have learnt a few things about investment dos and don’ts, and we want to share this knowledge with you.

Investing off farm

We’re proud to be one of New Zealand’s largest investment advisory firms, built on enduring client relationships and attention to detail. Whether it’s for our private, corporate, or institutional clients, we take the time to understand your individual investment needs, ambitions and values to work with you to protect and grow your wealth.

Since 1984, we’ve built one of New Zealand’s largest investment advisory firms and we are embedded in the communities we serve. We have market-leading experience, providing a range of services for private wealth, corporate and institutional clients. 

Off Farm Investing