Read this story about horse health and tips and tricks to keeping a healthy horse. Adult horses should have a complete veterinary examination at least once a year. Geriatric horses (older than 20 years old) should see their veterinarian twice a year or more frequently because illness is more common in older animals and it can be identified sooner. Your veterinarian may recommend a wellness program for your horse, including routine blood tests.


FREE Calving Season Checklist 🐮 Planning and preparing for calving with your farm team will reduce stress when calving is in full swing, and will help keep everyone safe and healthy. Calving is one of the busiest times of the year. Spend time with your team prior to calving to create a plan that works for everyone and the results will follow. Ensure you have everything you need prior to calving to help reduce stress, keep you on track from the get-go, and to create better outcomes for your team and animals.

Vehicle leasing is a contract which allows a business to obtain a vehicle for a fixed period. The leasing company owns the vehicle and charges the business an agreed amount per month to use the vehicle. Usually, leases last for 12 to 48 months, but in some cases can be longer. Once the lease ends, the business returns the vehicle. Leases are tax-deductible. Importantly there are two types of vehicle leases – operating leases and finance leases. This guide focuses primarily on operating leases. 


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