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Coaching and mentoring are essential tools for empowering and guiding individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Coaches offer skills like listening, questioning, and feedback, while mentors provide perspective and empathy based on shared experiences. Choose the right mentor or coach, and remember that coaching leads to action and accountability. 


Training is about increasing employee skills, benefiting the business with improved job satisfaction and performance. Create a training plan, provide on-farm and off-farm training, and reinforce learning through practice. Support and value your employees’ development to retain an engaged and competent team.

With the winter season fast approaching, DairyNZ lead adviser Justin Kitto shares some great results from the annual wintering survey and some ideas on how to achieve good practice.

Farmers from all over the country have made an impressive effort to put good wintering practices in place, ensuring their animals are cared for no matter what the weather conditions are. Our recent DairyNZ wintering survey highlighted some notable achievements, including that 80% of farmers have now written wintering plans.

Last winter, 74% of farmers implemented at least five good management practices to support their cows and manage winter conditions. Also, 96% of farmers surveyed said they had strategies to provide comfortable lying conditions for their cows.

Despite this, another finding is that portable trough use and back fencing had a low uptake, which hasn’t increased over the last three seasons. If you’re looking to lift farm performance in 2024, these are two highly beneficial actions to consider.


Rural Contractors New Zealand in partnership with Nufarm are delighted to announce the Nufarm RCNZ Agri-Chemical Applicator of the year award. The purpose of the award is to recognise an individual who demonstrates excellence in Agri-Chemical application and innovation. Nufarm’s New Zealand Country Manager Gavin Kerr says: 


There has never been a better time to promote innovative industry leaders within the sector particularly those individuals promoting innovation related to the sustainable use of crop protection solutions. Nufarm fully backs every solution we provide and is very focused on how our solutions are applied sustainability. 

“The recent release of our Grassmanship application has been a great example of this. We are looking forward to recognising industry leaders within the contractors’ industry in partnership with RCNZ.”

RCNZ CEO Andrew Olsen says: “In a highly regulated sector that gets plenty of attention from government agencies and the public, it’s timely that our partnership with Nufarm has extended to include a robust recognition program. 

The intent is to open up the opportunity for our members to put forward their brightest and best and, through a rigorous judging format, award the highest level of expertise, compliance and innovation.”

Early lactation once-a-day (OAD) milking is a short-term strategy used during the calving period on a dairy farm to reduce workload. This page discusses both the benefits and challenges of OAD milking.

The benefits include reduced workload, improved cow health, and better energy status for the cows. However, it can lead to reduced milk production for the season, depending on how long the OAD milking lasts. Strategies to minimise the loss of milk revenue while enjoying the labour benefits of OAD are provided. 

Also, the implications of using OAD milking during a feed shortage in early lactation are covered, with the likely financial impact and other considerations highlighted


First impressions play an integral role when it comes to evaluating a property. When buyers come to inspect your farm for the first time, preparation and presentation will lead to reaching the best possible first impression. 

Regular land and buildings maintenance will ensure the property presents at its best. Paying sufficient attention to detail will pay you back when buyers attend your open days, setting the scene for the rest of your marketing campaign.

Buyers need facts to evaluate whether to purchase. Documenting your returns gives potential buyers the information they need and may reduce the due diligence period required to assess the viability of their purchase.  

Rating valuation is worth presenting to the market, though is only a guideline. If a property has unique characteristics, or where sales of similar properties are absent, a registered valuation may help with marketing and any sales negotiation.  

Read this story about horse health and tips and tricks to keeping a healthy horse. Adult horses should have a complete veterinary examination at least once a year. Geriatric horses (older than 20 years old) should see their veterinarian twice a year or more frequently because illness is more common in older animals and it can be identified sooner. Your veterinarian may recommend a wellness program for your horse, including routine blood tests.

Vehicle leasing is a contract which allows a business to obtain a vehicle for a fixed period. The leasing company owns the vehicle and charges the business an agreed amount per month to use the vehicle. Usually, leases last for 12 to 48 months, but in some cases can be longer. Once the lease ends, the business returns the vehicle. Leases are tax-deductible. Importantly there are two types of vehicle leases – operating leases and finance leases. This guide focuses primarily on operating leases. 


From horse stables and riding centres to commercial covers and stock shelters, we’ve got your (and your horse’s) back. We know you need a horse stable that will stick around, and we make it our mission to deliver a strong stable that won’t fade with time. That’s why we use only the best quality steel and the most reliable builders around! What’s more, we consider all your ideas. Our team can customise your equine shed or horse shelter to suit your needs, whatever they may be. Get in touch with KiwiSpan for a no-oblgation quote today.

Looking for an easy, affordable, and simple way to create your own lifestyle with your own bach? Our transportable homes use only the highest quality materials and innovative design features. Starting from the design all the way through to delivery, we make the process as easy as possible. With 15 years experience, we have hit the nail on the head when it comes to creating your very own custom home.

Based in beautiful Hawke’s Bay, we can build straight from the plan or customise it to your needs. Then we deliver your new transportable home anywhere in the North Island.

65Plus is a platform specifically designed to cater to the needs of the Sixty Five Plus population over 65 years of age. It is a website that offers a plethora of discounts and deals on various products and services, making it an excellent choice for those who wish to save money without sacrificing quality.


The Sixty Five Plus website has gained immense popularity, with many users visiting it every week. Most of these users access the site using their tablets, and the peak hours are between 8 am to 2 pm on weekdays. This means that seniors can easily browse through the website during their leisure time and make use of the discounts available to them. 


One of the main advantages of using Sixty Five Plus is that it enables seniors to find good deals that they might not find elsewhere. Many retailers tend to overlook the elderly population when it comes to online shopping deals, assuming that they are not tech-savvy or interested in online shopping. However, this is not true, and many seniors are enthusiastic about using technology to shop for products and services.


65Plus understands this and has made it easy for Sixty Five Plus age group to find what they need by offering a user-friendly interface and various deals. The website has thousands of deal seekers in  each day, which is a testament to its popularity and effectiveness in helping seniors save money. Most of our traffic has been generated via word of mouth. Sixty Five Plus 

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