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We recently bought a Coastal Luxe container home after looking at a range of options. We loved their design and the fact that everything was included for the price. The home is fantastic and we’re very happy with the overall end result. Would recommend these guys to anyone. 


Dave and Sue

Shipping Container Homes

Are you looking for a unique, modern, and sustainable living space? Then look no further than Flexicube, NZ’s leading container home builder with nationwide delivery!

Choose from one of our premium interior styles or design your own custom home. All of our container homes are fully insulated, including a moisture barrier and equipped with custom designer kitchens and bathrooms, laundries, double glazing, premium LED lighting, reverse cycle heat pumps, extensive power points, electrical safety switches and Smart home automation available.  


We also offer full off-grid options, allowing you to live off the grid with solar power, fresh water and waster water processing.

Shipping Container homes for sale

But why should you choose Flexicube for your container home? Here are 8 great reasons:



1. Cost – As building costs continue to sky rocket, our container homes are typically much cheaper than traditional buildings. Since shipping containers are already constructed and extremely durable, you don’t have to spend money or time building the basic structure. Your money can go a lot further, depending on what type of container home you choose and where it’s located.



2. Eco-Friendly – Upcycling shipping containers to make your new home or office will help preserve our environment by reusing shipping containers, keeping your costs low, and your conscience clear with your Eco-friendly building materials. Shipping containers can easily be remodeled, cut, or have items added to them at a later stage to make them better for the environment, and take advantage of the weather around them.



3. Speed of Construction – A container home can be built in only a few weeks, while a traditional home usually takes a minimum of six months to build. We’ve made it easy and done the research on the best ways for your new container home or office to be constructed.



4. Off-Grid living – We can customize your container home or office to support full off-grid living for a completely sustainable living solution. We have fitted many homes and offices with solar systems and water recycling systems as options including our Off Grid Pods. Living and working off the grid can save a considerable amount of money due to your lower energy and living costs. You will also reduce your carbon footprint and be more self-reliant!



5. Extremely Tough – Shipping containers are made to ship cargo, including delicate items, across the ocean. They are made specifically to be durable and extremely tough so the high winds, sea spray, and rough weather do not damage the items inside the containers. They can withstand harsh conditions and extreme weather, giving you peace of mind knowing that your container home or office will endure and keep you safe in extreme weather conditions.



6. Portability – Shipping containers are designed to be moved. Depending on the size of your container home, they can easily be moved from one location to another at a later stage, giving you total flexibility if your needs change.


7. Flexibility – Our container homes offer flexibility and versatility. They can be customized to fit your specific needs and design preferences. Whether you want a tiny home or a spacious office, we can help you design the perfect container space for your needs.



8. Quality – At Flexicube, we don’t import any pre-made homes or office units from China with non-compliant plumbing or wiring. Our container homes are designed and constructed to meet New Zealand standards and include large format double glazed windows and doors, high stud ceilings, appliances, high finish interiors (or T&G, timber paneling), and designer kitchens and bathroom.

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