transportable homes for Sale Auckland

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Transportable Homes for Sale Auckland

Drawing upon our extensive 20 years of experience in property development and construction in New Zealand, Chillax Lifestyle is on a mission to revolutionize the landscape of transportable housing. Our rich history has empowered us to create high-quality, comfortable, and functional factory-manufactured homes that respond to the challenging housing demands of Aotearoa. We envision a future where high-quality living is accessible to all, without compromising on comfort or functionality.


Our solution introduces a unique array of transportable functional units, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and dining units. Each unit is designed with thoughtfulness, maximising space while delivering comfort and functionality. 

Transportable Homes for Sale Auckland

About our Transportable Homes for Sale

With Chillax Lifestyle, say goodbye to long waiting times. Our streamlined manufacturing processes and commitment to efficiency mean your transportable home can be ready to move in within weeks. Moreover, we strongly believe in delivering these innovative solutions at affordable prices. This commitment allows us to provide a home away from home for your workforce that’s not only efficient and functional, but also within reach. Welcome to Chillax Lifestyle – where we unlock the future of transportable housing, blending comfort, convenience, and productivity in each home we create.

Transportable Homes Auckland

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