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provincial Insurance Brokers

Provincial Insurance Brokers

Provincial has access to a range of major health insurance policies so whether you are a Farm owner wanting a group health scheme for your farm staff or an individual looking for cover for yourself and family, we have options to suit your requirements.


Depending on the type of cover chosen, having private health insurance means you can get access to specialist consultations, diagnostic procedures, scans and private surgery, avoiding lengthy public health waiting lists.


If and when you need treatment, your insurance will take care of the costs associated with hospitalisation and surgery. Many private health insurers provide cover for non-pharmac approved medications and treatment, meaning you have more options to get you back on your feet.


Health insurance policies usually have an excess which can help with keeping the monthly cost of this insurance down.


We have been clients of Jude for more than a decade. Jude always has the right advice for us, and also the best deals, and it is great to have someone on your side when you make a claim!