At Cropa, we understand that the success of your business is paramount, which is why we are committed to providing you with the best possible lead generation campaigns to get you the leads and sales you need.

 Our extensive network of over 135k farmers and ag contractors gives us the ability to showcase your ads to the right audience, ensuring maximum reach and exposure for your business.


With our comprehensive three-month campaign, you’ll receive a full-page profile on Cropa, allowing potential customers to learn more about your business and what you have to offer and engage your services.  

We’ll also create custom ads specifically tailored to your business needs on Facebook, ensuring that your brand is seen by the right people.

Our pricing is affordable and competitive at $748.00 per month, and we guarantee that your ads will be shown to farmers in a specific area, ensuring that your campaign is targeted and effective. 

Moreover, your ads will be visible on all platforms every day, increasing the leads and sales for your business.

We also use retargeting strategies to ensure that your ads follow farmers around the internet, ensuring the custormor takes action. . 

We believe that the success of your business is our success, which is why we strive to deliver leads directly to you.

In conclusion, we are committed to helping you succeed in rural areas and providing you with the best possible campaign solutions

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