Ag Staff

Ag Staff

Experience, industry connections, and integrity—what you want from a recruiter, and what you get with Agstaff. As one of New Zealand’s oldest professional agricultural placement agency, we’re known for our ethics, our honesty, and the results we’ve achieved for both job seekers and employers across the primary sector.


We are a highly respected professional agricultural agency with a team of experienced recruiters and staff to assist you in sourcing all levels of well-qualified personnel for your agri-business.


We place our candidates in positions at every level of agriculture, from the field to corporate headquarters and the manufacturing floor to the research laboratory.


Please browse our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. All inquiries are kept confidential.


After nearly 20 years working with New Zealand agriculture companies, Agstaff understands the lie of the land. We’ve been working with clients across agri-business from large international companies to small locally owned family businesses. Throughout the seasons we place candidates in farming and agriculture roles for new season preparation and harvest time.


We pair the highest quality candidates with our clients in various primary industries both on the land and in office-based management roles.


Get in touch now – we’re here to help you find the right job or the best person for your business.


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